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Ultralight solid wheel 12x2,125-7/B28 [Nedong].

Solid tire made of extra soft material, They are the lightest Solid tires with the highest vibration absorption, It is, by far, the Solid tire with the highest durability and grip on the market, RECOMMENDATIONS: Do not install on scooters that exceed 40km/h Before installation consider: 1- Designed for maximum speeds of 40 km/h, exceeding this may cause it to come off the rim, 2- Significantly increases the noise generated while riding, 3- It is not necessary to heat it for installation, 4- Installation on derestricted scooters is not recommended, Solid tire installation: Coat the rim with grease or, if not available, with vaseline, In some very cold areas, it is recommended to heat the tire to facilitate its installation,
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