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48 V charger (54.6 V) 2A with DC and GX connectors for SmartGyro...

Standard charger with fan cooling, Unlike the premium chargers from the eWheel brand, they are noisier and their use is not recommended in rest areas nor should they be moved once turned on, Designed to work 24 hours straight. Recommended for batteries with a capacity of 4 to 15 Ah with charging times between 2 and 8 hours depending on the battery, Maximum voltage: 54.6V+-0.5V Charging current: 2A Connector: Universal
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Premium 48V Ladowarka (58.8 V) 2A for NIU

Features: -CE approval -Short circuit protection -Overvoltage protection -Reverse voltage protection -Noise: 0 dB -Output voltage: 53.2V -Valid for 48V Li-Ion batteries -NIU type connector Charger configured for a maximum voltage of 53.2V unlike the usual 54.6v, Thanks to this early cut it reduces the charge by cutting the battery autonomy (negligible decrease) and significantly increases its useful life,
Price €35.00
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