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Celda 18650 3,5A/h 3C [EVE] - 180 uds
  • Celda 18650 3,5A/h 3C [EVE] - 180 uds
  • Celda 18650 3,5A/h 3C [EVE] - 180 uds
  • Celda 18650 3,5A/h 3C [EVE] - 180 uds
  • Celda 18650 3,5A/h 3C [EVE] - 180 uds

Celda 18650 3,5A/h 3C [EVE] - 180 uds

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Battery 36 V 7.8AH for KUGOO S1 [eWheel]

Battery features, -Capacity: 7.8 Ah-Voltage: 36V-Cells: EVE ICR18650-26V 2550mAh-Configuration: 10S3P-Discharge and charge connector: XT 60 male BMS features: -Maximum recommended charge: 4A -Maximum charge: 42v (4.2v per cell) -Balance start: 4.1v -Cut-off voltage:30v (3v per cell) -Maximum discharge (current peaks): 15A -Recommended discharge (Continuous discharge): 8A -BMS with common charging port 6 months warranty, conditions below,
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