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Battery connection cables

Loading cable switched on XIAOMI

This dual battery system is designed to use an external battery independently of the internal one, The switched operation means that while we use one battery the other is disconnected, so we have an independent battery circuit, We use one and when it runs out we switch to the other, This system is done through the switching connector, It is the most reliable system since it does not modify or mix electronics, It would be like removing one battery and putting another, but in this case without dismantling the internal one,
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Serial connection cable for XIAOMI

This cable is used to add voltages to the controller of any electric scooter, this is achieved with a series battery configuration, which consists of adding to the original battery, the voltage of the second battery we want to install through our cable, Important!! Check that the controller is prepared to support the sum of the voltages, This cable also serves to put a battery current cut-off switch, adding a bridge connector (not included),
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Cable with a parallel connection for XIAOMI

Connect two batteries at the same time to add capacity and consequently autonomy. To do this, you must be careful that each battery connected in parallel must have similar characteristics and both must be at the same voltage, without exceeding a 0.2V difference between them. Important!! To install batteries in parallel in Xiaomi, you must deactivate the charge mode in the firmware reprogramming,
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