GPS, alarms, and limiters

Alarm 36/72 V

Anti-theft alarm for electric scooters and E-bikes of 36/72V, its operation is very simple and comfortable, to deactivate press the “lightning” button twice, to activate press the closed lock button and the open lock button to silence the alarm. Includes an adapter that makes a bridge in the power supply of the display compatible with various controller models with sm connector, making it unnecessary to adapt the wiring for installation.
Price €21.65

Speed limiter LMR1 20-72V

Includes remote control, voltage regulator, switching board with antenna, and plastic box. Kit valid for voltages up to 90V, it is not necessary to install the regulator if the board's voltage never exceeds 30V, for higher voltages it is necessary to install the voltage regulator.
Price €39.95

LMR3 5V speed limiter

Speed limiter that includes a remote, prepared for supply voltages from (3.7 to 12v), can be connected to the 5v supply of the hall sensors or 3.3v from the bluetooth module, voltages available in most controllers so it does not need a voltage regulator for its installation, Its maximum charging current is 1A (700mA current recommended for continuous work) and the standby current is 4mA,
Price €20.00
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